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Featured on this website are the following:- 

  • Origins of all our Family names.  If your name has a coat of arms against it, click on it to find an explanation of it's origins.

  • A Family Tale about life in the 1900s - a superb account of the life and times of Amelia Elizabeth Ellingford - so far our longest surviving family member - who reached the grand age of 100 before passing in 2001
    special thanks to Jeanne and Gerald Everitt for submitting this wonderful piece.

  • The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Hulbert (1777)

  • Silk Weaving in Braintree.  Many of our close ancestors came from the Braintree area and were employed in the silk mills.  This is an historical account about the trade with images of the looms that they used to work on.

  • The Origins of the Hulbert name.  A superb account of the earliest recorded documents containing the Hulbert surname.

  • The Origins of the Ellingford name. A recent addition to the website.  Did your know our ancestors originated in the Lake District of Cumbria?

  • Origins of Coats of Arms. An account of how and why Coats of Arms were used. Also on this page you'll find a huge database of all our family coats of arms. Click on your name to see all the coats of arms for your family name. But if you can't find yours - then you're probably a new addition to the tree and it will be added later.

  • Latest updates - a blow by blow account of what's been added to the website.

You know, it's really strange how things turn out.  When I first started this project I envisaged a small "Family Tree" program sitting on my computer, which went back about 2 or 3 generations. As I was learning how to use the program I discovered that it could generate web pages at the click of a button.  As an amateur web designer myself I was curious to find out what sort of job the computer could actually make without any intervention from me, so I clicked on the button, and lo and behold, in a matter of seconds I had about 100 web pages. I didn't much like the layout, and there were some words missing here and there but with a bit of tweaking, I finally came up with something reasonably presentable to start with, and then decided to put it on the web so that everyone in the family can see it!  

Of course, it couldn't stop there - I was hooked.  Over the next year or so, I used almost every available online resource I could find to trace our family tree right back to the early 1700s, I rewrote the whole site myself without the aid of computer generated pages!  The tree was published on the Genes Reunited website, which gave me the opportunity to search out living descendents of our great aunts and uncles - and beyond.  It also worked in reverse too.  With our ancestors names on the web, it gave other people the chance to contact me if the names and dates matched people on their tree.  And they came in droves!  You wouldn't believe the number of people out there who we have never heard of and yet are, in some way, related to us by blood.

I do hope that you enjoy these pages, and make some great discoveries yourself and if you have a website and would like a link from here, please let me know and we can arrange it! If you want to print any of the pages, use the "Print This Page" command at the bottom of 'most' pages otherwise you'll only get the pretty pictures around the edge of the page!





The Ellingford Girls
Louisa, Ivy, Florence, Amelia and mum Florence
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The Ellingford Boys
Dad Philip, Philip, Sidney, Arthur and Stanley
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