(Updated 26/02/2016)
Hulbert Line

So sad to report the death of my uncle STEVEN HULBERT on 11 February 2016.  He was the last surviving sibling of his 13 brothers and sisters and my last surviving uncle on both my mother's (Louisa Ellingford) and my father's (Sidney James Hulbert) sides.  I know he had a long and happy life with a loving family and we are all deeply saddened by his death.  Rest in Peace Uncle Steve xxx
(Updated 26/02/2016)
Ellingford Line
Sad to log the death of my cousin, Gerald David Everitt on 23 December 2015.  My computer buddy. We spent many hours at his home in Wheathampstead and later in Kimpton figuring out how to compose a website for his Bridge Club! And in the end, was better at it than I was!  Sending lots of love to his wife, Marjorie, and his son Laurence and family.  He will be sadly missed xxx
(Updated 12/04/2015)
Birth, death, marriage and military records have been added for John James Ellingford and his marriage to Clara Rebecca Walker in 1913.  John died in France towards the end of WW1 and some of his military records have been added.
(Updated 27/02/15)
The web site should now be fully functional.  Please let me know if any of the links don't work or any are incorrect - and I bet there are a few!
(Updated 23/03/15)
After bringing the website back online, I found that all files were deleted from the server.  Whilst I had a backup, unfortunately it was incomplete so I'm having to rewrite many of the pages and upload most of the censuses.  This is going to take time!  There are still some issues with some of the links from the "SURNAMES" page - especially on the Ws page but this will be sorted over the next week or so - even quicker if I can find the original back-up CD!  In the meantime, please let me know any issues that you come across while on this website.  I will try to test every link, but with 1600 links on the Surnames page, this isn't an easy task! UPDATE: The Link Issue with the surnames has now been resolved.  All web pages should be accessible from the Surnames pages.
(Updated 05/05/13)
Ellingford Line
The 1911 census and other accessible documents have posed more questions than they've answered.  I've been able to confirm spouses from the 1911, and found that Orton Southey and his family have moved back and forth from South Africa/Australia and the UK!  A hard line to track down. However, updated information on the Southey family can be found here.
(updated 04/07/09)
Ellingford Line
Marriages and children added for the offspring of Mahaleth Ellingford and Walter Peplow Little
(updated 15/02/09)
Ellingford Line
The marriage of Catherine Lynne Manifold and Paul James Holt in 2007 has now been recorded on this website.
ELLINGFORD Samuel 1884
(updated 06/02/2009)
Ellingford Line
I have now completed the family of Samuel Ellingford 1884 and confirmed his marriage to Daisy E Cooper in 1904.  They had many children - all (I hope) can be accessed via their page.
COATS of Arms & Origins of surnames
(updated 11/08/08)
All Lines

I think that the website where I got all the information on the origins of surnames has got wise to the fact that many family history researchers use their site for gathering information for free.  They used to give just a little bit of information to whet your appetite to encourage you to send off and pay for the full version.  However, since I have got over 300 different family names on my website there's no way I'm paying for all of those!  So from now on if a new family name has been discovered, I can only access the image of the coat of arms!

BUSHBY James 1814 & Caroline Murray
(updated 17/05/08)
Hulbert Line

After years of wondering and searching, it was quite simple really - send off for a certificate.  I have never actually got to the bottom of whether James Bushby's wife was Caroline or Catherine.  The Marriage index pointed to Catherine Fitzpatrick, but the censuses pointed to Caroline.  It turns out that she wasn't a Fitzpatrick at all, but a MURRAY.  The reason I couldn't find James' marriage in the first instance was because they had listed his surname as BUSHEY instead of Bushby.  (I should have thought of that one!)  However, finding them on the 1841 census they were living with, I presume, Caroline's parents - John and Elizabeth Murray, so that takes us back another generation to the 1780s.  Very happy to have sorted that one out!  See his son James' birth certificate here.

(updated 03/05/08)
Ellingford Line

The Vidler Family come from the Dodd Line where Caroline Dodd (1816 and daughter of Archelaus Dodd 1754 and Mary Munson 1759) married Major Vidler.  They had 3 children and one of them - Arthur Vidler married the widow Mary Ann Goater.  This family took a lot of tracking down - not to mention the children - they were all shown on the censuses with the surname of Vidler when in actual fact, 2 of them had the surname of Goater and were the children of Mary Ann's first marriage.  Anyway it's all in the pot now...

EAVERY (Various)
(updated 20/04/08)
Ellingford Line

An unexpected email from a descendant of Adam Eavery and Elizabeth (his first wife) held a few clues to enable me to retrace my steps to the late 1700s and continue research on another of their children.  It was Edward Eavery (baptised 17 October 1780) whose line I've been able to trace down until the early 1900s. New surnames introduced from this line include Beverley, Young, Clarkson (Jeremy!  Are you related???) and many others. 

WEAVERS (Various)
(updated 12/04/08)
Ellingford Line

More research has been done for Ann Hills and Robert Weavers (both 1811) Braintree.  Robert died quite young, and in 1861 we discovered that Ann, his widow, remarried to a John Cowell.  We also discovered in an elusive 1851 census that Ann was pregnant when Robert died, and soon after his death gave birth to another daughter, Emma.  During this research we found a wife for their son Robert (1833) and another 13 children!

(updated 31/01/08)
Hulbert Line
At last some new information on the Hulbert side.  This time I've been working on the Stevens line. The Stevens came into the Hulbert family when Clara Lucy Stevens married Harry Hulbert in 1879.  Their firstborn child, a son called Alfred, was to be my paternal grandfather who married Joan Bushby.  I have roughly traced the Stevens line back to the late 1700s which is where, I believe, the surname 'Dare' is introduced where one of the Steven men married into the Dare family.  This line is concentrated in the Epsom, Surrey Area.
(updated 23/09/07)
Ellingford Line
More branches added to the Weavers Line - mid 1800s.  We've found Weavers marrying into the following families - Dent, Plum, Butcher, Polley, Wheeler, and many more.  The New Zealand Weavers have also been brought up to date.
(updated 04/09/07)
Ellingford Line
The death certificates of Charles Weavers and his wife Letitia Polley are now online here.
(updated 01/09/07)
Ellingford Line
Hulbert Line
I have now uploaded many certificates onto this website, but in view of the number I have now, and the difficulty in knowing who's got a certificate and who hasn't, I've introduced a new page where all the certificates are listed. Click here to access the list.
(Updated 29/08/07)
Ellingford Line
Hulbert Line

It was Kiera McCallum's first birthday on 19th August, and naturally enough, we had to record the event with a deluge of photographs - the best of which are now showing on her Birthday Page!  If anyone has a special event that they'd like recorded on here, please let me know.  I'd be grateful for the photos and it will be wonderful for generations to come to see how their ancestors looks in the 21st Century!
(Updated 28/08/07)
Ellingford Line
The latest batch to be added are the offspring, and offspring of the offspring (!) of Charlotte Ellingford (1819) and William Goody (1808). New surnames added to the database are Chiles, Woodward, Squibb, Tunbridge, Coke... and another branch of Smith.
(Updated 25 Aug 2007)
Ellingford Line
Steven Ellingford (New Zealand) and I are still working closely together to bring together all the early Weavers and Ellingfords.  It seems that there are hundreds of them out there.  Of course each new generation found increases the number of branches on the tree as they all get married and have children themselves.  If you'd like to see the latest additions, you can start on Bridget and William Ellingfords page and work through.  Of course the Weavers line comes in with the marriage of Martha Weavers and William Ellingford 17th April 1834.  My apologies to any Hulberts out there wanting updates on this side, but with so many exciting new discoveries on the Ellingford side, I have to stay with this for the time being.
(updated 11 Aug 2007)
Ellingford Line
Birth and Death certificates for Eliza are now online on her page.  Thought it would be good to see if we could find out exactly who her father was.
(Updated 09 Aug 2007)
Ellingford Line

There's not been much more research since my last post, but at the moment I'm working closely with Steven in New Zealand to put more meat on the bones of the information I have already.  For example, I have actual dates of birth (or baptism) for many of our ancestors and more certificates of birth, death and marriage coming online.  Not to mention the fabulous array of photographs - dating back to the mid 1800s which I am endeavouring to put online for all to see.  If you haven't seen the photo album you can either click here, or click on the "Family Album" link on the left.

19-23 Jul 2007
Ellingford Line

I did it!  I finally took myself off for a few days and holed myself up in the Records office.  Main objective was to piece together all the Weavers that I'd found on a 1941 census, but couldn't make head nor tail of.  The outcome of it all is that you'll find many more Weavers, and children of Weavers, and children of children... there's so many new lines and so many new surnames.  Check out Wheeler, Oakley, Lewis (again), Holland, Clark, Peters, another line of Spurgeons as well as more Ellingford branches.  Very special thanks to Steven Ellingford of New Zealand who, it turns out is my 3rd cousin, and who helped me piece all this together!

(updated 11/07/07)
Ellingford Line
Hulbert Line

My thanks go to Tony Ellingford - my cousin - for supplying some absolutely amazing photographs of his parents (Sidney Ellingford and Dorothy Hulbert), his family and some superb documents from Denmark and South Africa.  Sid and Dolly emigrated to Northern Rhodesia many years ago and a lot of the photographs and documents were taken there.  You'll find a lot of them on Tony's own page and on his parents page, and some more in the "Family Album" link on the left (when I can get around to adding them).

(updated 26/06/2007)

Many thanks to Diane Thomas, granddaughter of Grace Mundy (1890) for this wonderful photograph of Grace's wedding to Charles H Smith in the 2nd quarter of 1911. You can see the photo on Grace and Charles' page.

(updated 23/06/2007)
Ellingford Line

Another Ellingford line has been partially filled in.  This line comes from Arthur Samuel Ellingford - son of Sarah and Thomas Ellingford (the couple who had 15 children), and nephew of Philip Ellingford (1842).  Many thanks to Diana Newson who contacted me and supplied this information.  Naturally, in turn, I have been able to fill in a few more lines for her! 

(updated 18/06/2007)

You can now view the full coats of arms for almost every name on this website.  I've added a new link on the left which will take you there.  Click on the thumbnail of the coat of arms against your name, and you will be able to see it in full.  Many names have more than 1 coat of arms - some have as many as 6 which came from all around Europe.


Many thanks to Diane Thomas and her family for supplying the names of all the people in the photograph.  For the record, top right we have my grandmother, Florence Mundy. Top left is Kate Mundy (went to live in America - more research to be done there). The lady in the middle is Amelia Mundy (youngest of all the Mundys).  Sitting on the left is Louisa Mundy (who I believe was registered as Elizabeth Louisa, but was always known as "Aunt Lou").  Sitting on the left is Helen (known as Nellie) - Maud Mundy's daughter. Unfortunately Maud is not in the photograph.  It is believed that the photograph was taken in the garden of Aunt Lou's house in Southend when they were celebrating the marriage of her daughter, Doris.


On a recent visit to my brother Geoff's recently, he and his wife Kathy scoured the loft in search of family photographs, and we've turned up some real gems which I will be adding to the pages over the next week or so.  However, there's one photo that is REALLY perplexing me.  I'm sure the lady standing at right-back is Florence Mundy - my grandmother, and I believe that the little lady in the centre is her youngest sister Amelia Mundy. I also think that the other ladies might well be their sisters, but I can't say for certain.  Is there ANYONE out there who know who they might be? Please, PLEASE contact me if you can help.  Click here to view the photograph.

Spanish Fork, Utah
(updated 08/05/2007)
Hulbert Line

A devastating find.  Albert Edward Money and his wife Ethel Huntington had many children between 1914 and 1933.  Unfortunately none of them lived for more than 4 days (Beth) and only one other, Albert, lived for 64 minutes after his birth.  This is SO sad.  I've managed to find the gravestones and death certificates of 5 babies, but I would imagine there were many more as there was a 12-year gap between two of the births.

1800s Utah, USA
(Updated 07/05/2007)
Hulbert Line

This is a branch from the Hulbert side of the family that originated in Scotland and emigrated to the USA in the 1850s notably Euphemia Ireland (married name Armstrong) and her daughter Margaret.  The records from Utah - including many death certificates, are probably the only ones to be found online, so I consider myself very lucky to have stumbled across them!  Also there are images of some of the actual gravestones.

(Updated 02/05/2007)
Ellingford Line

My determination to find out more information about Caroline Southey has finally paid off - if only in a very small way.  It seems that on the night of the 1851 census she was staying with her maternal grandparents - the Youngs.  On the search results, Caroline is shown as being 22 years old, which is probably why I totally disregarded this particular result previously.  However, on deciding to investigate further, I find that her grandparents are shown as being in their late 30s - making it basically impossible for them to have a grandchild of 2 years old.  I believe that the transcriber mistook the age of 2 for 22.  Whilst there are still huge gaps in information for Caroline, I have, at least, found out where she was on the night of the 1851 census.

(Updated 20/04/2007)

Welcome back!  I believe all the pages are now completed - unless I've missed any!  I've managed to cut down the amount of space used on my server by around 20 megabytes - and I haven't had to leave out any information - just change the basic design.  I hope all the links work (every one of them had to be altered!) and that all the coats of arms are now in place for everyone in the database - except for those with foreign names that I couldn't look up.  Don't forget to click on the coat of arms against your name and you should see a pop-up window with an explanation of its origins.  To be honest, there isn't much more research to do until the 1911 census is published in 2011 - unless I get lucky and am able to contact other people who have the same names in their family tree as I have in this one, so it might be worth checking back from time to time to see if any more updates have been added.  Please check your own page(s) and let me know if anything is amiss.  Have fun!

(Updated 21/10/06)
Ellingford Line

At last... between two of us, we have finally cracked the mystery surrounding Fred and his wife. Yes.. she was called Annie, but it wasn't the Annie I was chasing previously.  I was contacted by a descendant of Fred and Annie who questioned whether my entry for them was correct.  Further research proved it wasn't at all correct.  There were two Frederick C Spurgeons born around the same area... one in Bocking (our Fred) and one in Halstead.  Both FC Spurgeons married a lady called Annie!  Anyway... it's all sorted now and I'd like to thank Lorna for her invaluable help in solving what was fast becoming a pain in neck for me!

(Updated 22/09/06)
Hulbert Line

New information has come to light regarding descendents of Alexander Cleugh, whom I believed had no children at the time of his death in 1890.  Seems he's got two little girls!

Descended from Thomas Hulbert 1777
(updated 16/09/06)

Descendents from Mary Hulbert, daughter of Thomas Hulbert (1777) have been added.  The new names are BISHOP, BOND, WHITTLE, SWAIN and LIGHT.  Had to have a giggle at one of the Light children's name - Comfort!  Comfort Light... sounds like a weak mixture of something you put in your washing machine!  (Apologies to any present day Comforts!)

(10 February 2006)
Ellingford Line

Click here to read it!

Since starting on this project, the Southey Family have always been a bit of a mystery to me, so I've put together an account of their lives from the time we first met them as a married couple one the 1851 census to the time of their deaths in 1885 and 1901 respectively.  Perhaps you'll agree with me that there are a lot of unanswered questions.

(Updated 01/09/06)

A census has been taken every 10 years since 1801, however the only ones that are useful to genealogists are the ones taken from 1841 onwards, and as far as I know, these are the only ones available to the public.  I thought it might be useful to publish the dates and information concerning each years census count on this web site, so I've added a new link on the left, but you can access it from here.

(updated 01/09/06)

Bit of a boring update here. Just to let you know that I'm ploughing through all the records and uploading more census material with proper referencing.  You might notice a change in the way the new pages are laid out.  Also during my referencing I've been updating various families with their offspring's marriages and children.  The latest batch to be added is the Spurgeon family - descendents of the Evers/Ellingford line.

(Updated 27/08/06)

The marriage of my niece, Lisa Anne Hulbert and Kenneth William Clements took place yesterday in St Margaret's church, Barking, Essex.  Their page has been updated and there is a link to some photos taken at the event!

Hulbert Line
Ellingford Line

My first grandchild, a baby girl, arrived today at 06:18 in Yeovil Hospital.  Her name is Kiera McCallum.  Many congratulations to her proud mum and dad - David McCallum and Joanne Welton.  I am a VERY proud grandma!

(updated 12/8/06)

The Hulbert list is growing with the addition of Jeremy Hulbert's family from Ernest Thomas Hulbert 1885 (brother of grandfather Alfred Hulbert) to present day. So cheer up all you Hulberts out there who thought the name was dying out!  No way... pretty soon we'll outnumber the Ellingfords!

(updated 11/8/06)

Made on 7th January 1814, Thomas Hulbert's last will and testament.  This has been transcribed - word for word - including all the punctuation (or lack of it) by Jeremy Hulbert.  Thomas died just 2 weeks after this will was made.

(updated 9/8/2006)
Hulbert Line

I now have details online of descendents of Rebecca Bushby.  Who was she you might ask?  So I'll start with Alfred Hulbert - my grandfather (the one that gave me all the grief in earlier postings).  As we know, he married Joan Bushby.  Her father, William had a sister called Rebecca, and she married Charles Alfred Bell, of Newcastle.  They had a few children, and one of them in particular was Percy A Bell, born 1883 - Stepney.  This pairing - along with Percy and some of his siblings, has been on my tree for quite a while but because of the 100 year blockade on census material, I have been unable to get past 1901.

I have now been in touch with one of Percy's descendents - Martin Norris who has helped me bring this line down to present day.  I've also been able to reciprocate as he only knew that his ancestor, Charles Bell married someone called Rebecca.  Therefore, I've now been able to help him fill in the Bushby side of his family tree!

(updated 9/8/2006)

I have added the
birth, marriage and death certificates for Harry Hulbert (my great-grandfather through Alfred Hulbert)


Information added for
Thomas William Hulbert 1834

Ellingford Line

(updated 3/8/2006)

It was a job and a half, but I have now added many new names on Adam Eavery's line, which I mentioned on the 27/7/06 addition.  The names that have been added constitute only half of what could be put on as Keith has managed to follow up from both sides of his line.  Maybe if I have another week to spare writing the web pages and working out the links, I might add them at a later date.  I'll let you know if I do!  Many thanks to Keith Bolland who has given me access to his tree.  It's a wonder the Ellingford line isn't ruling the world considering the number of people we can trace!


(added 30/7/2006)

I have now been able to take Alfred Hulbert's line back to 1777 with the discovery of Thomas Hulbert's (1813) parents.  Not only did I find the years of birth, but also many of the actual dates!  At the time of writing only some of the web pages for these new additions have  been written, but I will leave a note here when the rest of them are up and running.

Ellingford Line

(added 27/07/2006)

Thanks to the discovery of a 6 times removed cousin, Keith Bolland - living in Buckinghamshire, I have now been able to add a few branches from Adam Eavery's line.  The new surnames added to this website include Reeder, Carter, Lewis, Studd, Beadle and Bolland (so far - more to be added later).  The BEADLE name intrigues me - I wonder if we'll be able to link into the famous Jeremy Beadle?  Watch this space!

(added 17/07/2006)

There is a slight possibility that I might be able to take the Ellingford line back to the mid 1600s.  (Yes... we're talking about 400 years here!) I have discovered the existence of a William Ellingford, born in Suffolk in the IGI (International Genealogy Index).  The earliest William Ellingford I have on this database was born in Herongate in 1806 and died in Ipswich, Suffolk in 1885.  My guess (and hope) is that he went back to be near other family living in Suffolk after his wife, Martha Weavers died.  I just need to find a connection to tie him to the William Ellingford on the IGI. Again... watch this space!


At last... I believe I have now found the correct line.  I sent off for his marriage certificate to Joan Bushby which gave me his occupation, father's name and father's occupation and I have now matched all this information with census.  Seems that my grandfather was born in Croydon, Surrey in 1878.  I still cannot find his birth on the Indices at the GRO, the only Alfred Hulbert that was listed on the birth indices in 1878 was born in Birmingham, and I have doubts that this is our Alfred as he is shown as being born in Croydon on every census.  The only way to tell for sure is to send off for the birth certificate, but I think I've spent enough time and money on this for now!

Hulberts are still a bit thin on the ground considering the number of children that were born, but I am now getting round to researching the Hulbert side more fully so I expect more branches to be shown in the near future.

Amelia Ellingford and Family

Click here to read or download

Jeanne and Gerald Everitt,
daughter and son of Amelia and Arthur Everitt have put together an absolutely superb account of the life and times of their parents.  This extremely well written article really gives a total insight as to the way families lived at the turn of the century and during and after the ensuing 2 world wars. 

Amelia died in 2001 and her lifetime spanned the entire 20th Century.  Born in 1900, she so far holds the record for being the longest living Ellingford - and may her memory live on for many hundreds of years to come.

Grab yourself a glass of wine, put your feet up and get lost in the history of this masterpiece.


Unfortunately, I have discovered a fatal error early on in the Hulbert research.  Somehow I've picked up the WRONG Alfred Hulbert (my grandfather of all people) and have followed the wrong line going back to 1775.  However, I'm not cutting my throat over it because I know that this can and does happen when researching family history.  I'd been warned, so whilst it's no surprise it is a bit disappointing.

Research on the Hulbert side was a bit thin on the ground anyway, because most of my time and effort has been concentrated on the Ellingfords line.

I've actually sent away for their marriage certificate which should start me off again, but this time in the right direction should no one come forward with any information for me.

Guess you could say I was well and truly barking up the wrong tree!  (Go on... you KNEW that was coming, didn't you?)

Also, I need to apologise to any researchers out there who have followed this line of Hulberts.

Now starts in 1748

On the Ellingford side, records now go back to 1748 with the birth of Adam Eavery in Fingringhoe, Essex.  He married twice - once to Elizabeth, and then to Frances. They must have moved after the marriage to Heybridge in Essex where Elizabeth gave birth to a daughter - also named Elizabeth - after her mother, of course, and she was born in 1780.  Elizabeth's first marriage was to John KEYS, but he died because on 24th July 1813 Elizabeth married Joseph Abbott (as Elizabeth Keys) and they had a daughter called Susannah, who later went on to marry James Evers.  Susannah and James had 8 children (+ 1 born 5 years after James' death) and one of those children (Jemima) married some guy called
Philip Ellingford!