The Marriage of Lisa Hulbert and Kenneth Clements
26th August 2006
St Margaret's Church Barking

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David Quinney Jean Hayes, Jackie Spencer and Alan Spencer (bro-in-law to Jackie) Ryan and Lauren
arriving at church
Ryan and Lauren Clements with Amanda Taylor from California Lisa and Geoff arriving at the church Signing the register
Kenny and Lisa Proud Granddad Geoff with
Ryan and Lauren
Lisa and Kenny with
best man
The Bride's Parents Kenny having a well-earned
cigarette break!
Lisa's brother, Andrew Hulbert
from Canada
The Bridal Party Parents of Lisa and Kenny June Porter, Christine Dell and
Gill Scott
(sisters-in-law and sister to Kathie)
Frank Porter, Dave Scott, Kathie Hulbert, Gill Scott (Dave's wife) and Christine Dell Shelly Hulbert (Andrew's wife)
from Canada
Wayne Taylor (Amanda's husband)
from California
The Bridal Party All brothers and sisters with
respective husbands and wives
Family Friends
Mum, Dad and their kids! Lisa Clements Lisa Clements
Lisa Clements Lisa Clements Lisa and Kenny
Lisa's Ring The Wedding Cake Guests enjoying the day!
    Dave Quinney & Hanna Forbes
Lisa leading the Row Boat Song!
(and why shouldn't she?  It's her wedding!)
Dave and Gill swinging it! Amanda showing her talents on karaoke!
Hanna Forbes Sisters having a knees-up! Amanda with her Aunty Jenny!