Family Sidney Ellingford and Dorothy Hulbert

This family belongs to the HULBERT and ELLINGFORD side

Husband: Sidney Walter Ellingford
Born: 16 MAR 1906 West Ham
Died: Q4 1968  Surrey N
Married: 11 AUG 1934  West Ham
Occupation: Baker

Father: Phillip Ellingford
Mother: Florence Charlotte MUNDY
Birth Index 4a/8 (see Birth Certificate)
1911 Census 17 Widdin Street, Stratford, London E15
Marriage Index 4a/472 St John's Church, Stratford E15
Death Index 5g/121
Wife: Dorothy Hulbert

Born: 28 FEB 1911
Died: ABT 1990 Weymouth
Other Partners: Charles Edgar Cleugh (23/2/1905) died Oct 1988 Weymouth Entry: 23/1034

Father: Alfred Hulbert
Mother: Joan Bushby

Birth Index
1911 Census 9 Thorngrove Road, Upton Park, Essex
Death Index  
Name: Anthony John ELLINGFORD
Born: 11 APR 1945 Weston
Partners: Kirsten Edelskov 
Name: Patricia Dorothy ELLINGFORD
Born: Q3 1939 Romford
Partners: Benjamin Alan Potgieter  Johannes Cornelis Konings 

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