A wonderful family portrait from the late 1800s.  This is the Weavers Family.  From Left to right we have William Weavers (1838), his daughter Martha (1882), his daughter Jessie (1878), Jessie's husband, William Hockley, Kate Weavers (1874) and Kate's husband James Pryor.
  Another classic photograph.  Here we have a wonderful photo of Florence Charlotte Mundy (1879) with her husband Philip Ellingford (1875) and their 2 eldest children, Amelia Elizabeth Ellingford (1900) and Philip Ellingford (1901).
  I never thought I'd see this... but this is my great-grandfather Philip Ellingford 1842.  Son of William Ellingford (1806) and Martha Weavers (1808), and grandchild of Bridget and William Ellingford 1776!  Grandchild?  Does this guy look like he was ever a child?  He'd make a great Santa!
  A very old photograph of Thomas Ellingford, born 1837.  Father of (at least) 15 children!
  Sarah Gosling 1837, wife of Thomas Ellingford (above). 
  Mahalath Ellingford, born 1863 in Braintree, 3rd child and daughter of Thomas Ellingford (1837) and Sarah Gosling (1837).
  Horace Ellingford and Mary Christy celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary in 1924.  All their children, bar one - Hilda are here.  Horace, Ivy, Allen, Charles, George and Lily.
  A wonderful photograph of Horace Ellingford (1877) and his wife, Mary Christy with, we are told, their son Horace, born 1900.  However, general consensus is that it is a girl on Mary's lap.  I'm not convinced - I've seen many an old picture of parents with their sons and most of them had long curly hair and ... dare I say... a dress!
  This wonderful photograph was taken, we believe, in the garden of Louisa Mundy's house in Southend.  The occasion was the marriage of her daughter Doris.  From left to right - (standing left) Kate Mundy, (middle) Amelia Mundy, (standing right) Florence Mundy, (sitting left) Louisa Mundy and (sitting right) Helen Williams - daughter of Maud Mundy (not in photo).
  A whole bunch of goodies here!  From left to right - Wid and Stan Ellingford, Rene Buntrock, Amelia Mundy, Charles Smith, Grace Mundy and Glad Ellingford.
  A superb quality photograph from 1934.  The occasion?  The wedding of Dorothy Hulbert and Sidney Ellingford. From left to right, Louisa Ellingford, Will Hulbert, Kate Hulbert, Sidney Ellingford, Dorothy Hulbert, Thora (Babe) Hulbert, unknown man to be confirmed, but I am hoping it's grandfather Hulbert, and Mary (Lully) Hulbert.
  And here's the full wedding party of Dolly Hulbert and Sidney Ellingford.  Who's who is shown on the larger photograph, so click the image to see.  There's loads of "unknowns" in this photograph, so if anyone can make any offers or suggestions they would be most welcome.
  A lovely photograph of Arthur Everitt and Amelia Ellingford
  This photograph was taken in the hall of the Unitarian Church, Stratford on 30th May 1970 for Amelia Ellingford's 70th birthday celebration. From left to right is Sidney Hulbert, Jennifer Hulbert, Alan Schofield (boyfriend), Geoff Hulbert and Kathleen Good with baby Andrew Hulbert.
  Here we have a photograph taken at Westcliff on Sea in the summer of 1982.  The occasion was the church's annual outing.  The lady with the baby on her lap is Louisa Ellingford and the baby is her granddaughter Julie Anne McCallum.  In front of Julie is Amanda Hulbert and the girl next to her is her sister Lisa.  The other people in the photograph were friends of Louisa - Mr and Mrs Dove to Louisa's left.  The other two are unknown.
  This photograph was taken in the grounds of Gerald Everitts house in Wheathampstead, Herts, celebrating Amelia Ellingford's 80th birthday.  From left to right is Amelia, then Gladys, Louisa and Stan Ellingford.  Taken end May/Beginning of June 1980.
  Here is a rare glimpse of Philip Ellingford, born 1875 and husband of Florence Charlotte Mundy. Phil is on the far left, but unfortunately I can't name the other two gentlemen in the photograph with him or tell when it was taken
  This photograph was taken on one of the many family gatherings at the house of Joan Bushby (144 Sibley Grove, East Ham).  She is pictured here with some of her children.  From left to right we have Thora (Babe), Sidney (Dood), Louisa Ellingford, Joan Bushby, Richard.  The child at the front of the photograph is Geoffrey Hulbert, Lou and Dood's son.  Dood was always the joker and he and his brothers were constant practical jokers!
  More Hulberts.  Sidney (Dood), in front of him is Mary (aka Lully), then Thora (aka Babe) and at the back Dorothy (aka Dolly).
  A young and beautiful Louisa W Ellingford - my mum!  Probably taken in her late teens/early 20s.
  Oh heck, Mum... what's with the barnet? Here is Louisa Ellingford - no doubt sporting a freshly done hairdo!
  I think one of these little darlings must be my mother.  There is an inscription written on the back of the photo which says "Louie, June 1918".  My mother, Louisa Ellingford, would have been coming up for 6 years old, which fits in with the probable age of the children here.  Whilst I can't say for sure which one is mum, if any, I am drawn toward the little girl in the back row, far left.  What do you think? Click the link for close ups.
  Another school photo - taken early 1900s featuring Amelia Mundy
  The wedding of Frederick Charles Oliver Williams and Edit Knapp on 18 August 1918.  Known people on the photograph are: Top left: Lilian and Helen Williams (sisters to bridegroom) but don't know which one is which. Front, far left, Maud Mundy.  We are unsure of who the man standing at the back of the bride and and groom is, and we are assuming that the two other bridesmaids on the right are Edith's sisters.  Any offers out there????
  A great wedding photo here of Philip Ellingford (Jnr) and Ann Waller with a lot of the immediate family. The year was 1929.
  A lovely picture of the bride and groom - Philip Ellingford and Ann Waller in 1929.  I've done the best I can with the electronic tools that are available to me, but I can't draw bits that have been torn.  Otherwise, a great photo.
  Taken at the wedding of Geoffrey Hulbert and Kathleen Good on 24th August 1963 at St John's Church, Stratford E15.  From left to right is bridesmaid Sylvia O'Brien, best man - Geoff's lifelong friend Bob Spencer, bride Kathie and bridesmaids Barbara Waine and Jenny Hulbert.
  This was the last photograph taken of the Ellingford brothers and sisters together before the death of Sidney in 1968.  At the back, from left to right is Wid (Arthur), Philip, Stan and Sid.  The girls at the front are Louisa, Ivy (sitting), Mill and Gladys.
  This photograph was taken in George Elley's greengrocers at the top of Widdin Street.  The boy is a young Geoffrey Hulbert and the lady with him, we think, is Marge Elley - George's wife.  The greengrocers was there for many years, but George later turned the shop into a Betting Office which he ran for many years. I should think this photograph was taken in the early 1950s.
  Taken outside 9 Widdin Street in about 1962 we have, from left to right, Barry Nichols - son of [Ethel] Joan Hulbert, Kerry Morris, a neighbour, and Jennifer Hulbert (Barry's Aunty!)
  Another rare snapshot of Florence Mundy with 2 of her daughters, Amelia - the eldest girl and Louisa, the youngest girl.  We have no idea when this photograph was taken, save to say that is was prior to 1954 when Florence passed on.
  Geoffrey Hulbert - couldn't be more than about 5 or 6, which means that this photograph was taken around 1949!
  Dood Hulbert is pictured here with his niece (right) Patricia Ellingford who departed these shores as a young girl when her parents immigrated to Northern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).  The other child, pictured on the left of the photograph is nephew Brian Girling - son of Gladys Ellingford.
  This lovely photograph of Joan Hulbert and her dad [Dood] was taken on 16th March 1955.
  Wedding photograph of Dorothy Hulbert and her dad Charles at Doll's wedding on 3rd March 1951.
  A smiling Louisa Ellingford with son Geoffrey Hulbert.  Photograph taken in 1950s
  Gerald and Jeanne Everitt - children of Amelia Ellingford and Arthur Everitt.
  Amanda, Andrew and Lisa Hulbert - children of Geoffrey Hulbert and Kathleen Good.  Photograph taken late 1970s.
  This photograph of Sid Ellingford has an inscription on the back which reads, "Being presented with the singles cup, shield and tankard".  Unfortunately, we don't know what this is for.  However, we do know that the photograph was taken in Ndola, Northern Rhodesia
  Oooo here's me - aged 9 inside No 9 Widdin Street! Dig those glasses!  National health specials.  Not to mention the wallpaper! Take the glasses off and we have a spitting image of my daughter Julie McCallum.
  Identity Card for Sidney James Hulbert.  I believe everyone had to carry one of these during the 2nd World War.
  Identity Card for Louisa Winifred Hulbert (nee Ellingford).  Evacuated to Somerset during WWII.
  Sidney James Hulbert national service card. December 1940
  Anyone remember these?  Sidney Hulbert's driving licence - with the wrong address on it!  Stratford is E15 - not E16 - that's Canning Town!