Kiera's First Birthday!
My 1st birthday cake with my mummy and daddy Opening my presents!
With Auntie Julie - my dad's sister Here we have, at the front - Jade - she's my granddad Welton's step-daughter,
then at the back we have Aunty Kat - my mum's sister, then my mum,
then there's me with Aunty Gemma, mum's youngest sister, then Aunty Vicky -
mum's other sister!
Here's my great-grandfather (on my mum's side) and his wife Here's me - just woken up from my nap with Uncle Stephen -
my dad's brother.
Here's my grandfather Welton - my mum's dad, with his fiancÚ Siobhan. 
I'm going to be their bridesmaid when they get married on
15th September 2007.
Here's me - trying out one of my pressies! I reckon I could get to like this!
This is my dad, at the back and his sister Julie and brother Stephen Just stopping for a bite to eat.  Daddy's such a spoilsport - he's obviously
making sure that I don't shove too much in my mouth at once!
You've no idea how exhausting it is being a 1-year old
It's nice just to have a quiet 5 minutes to myself!